Conceptual Rebrand

The Donut Mill

Logo & Branding, Packaging, Web Design
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


The Donut Mill is a donut shop and cafe in need of a brand refresh to reestablish the business as the premier, must-stop destination in Gasoline Alley for central Albertans and commuters alike.

The rebrand features a logo that incorporates the iconic Donut Mill facade into a slanted script wordmark, and a shift in colour palette. Both draw inspiration from the 50’s era, from common signage to the most popular colours of the decade. Clean lines and design simplicity draw from more contemporary times.

These are accompanied by a couple of simple patterns (created with offset strokes reminiscent of older printing methods) that can be used interchangeably on the different brand elements that will help the business ensure their identity and brand materials stay as fresh as their donuts.

The Donut Mill's existing logo merges photography, with type and illustration. Heavy outlines and strokes give the logo a dated feel.