Scrum Rush is a conceptual canned coffee brand for professionals & coffee lovers who want the mental boost of a cup of java, but don’t have the time to wait around for a fresh pot of coffee to brew.

Old time journalism played a large role for design inspiration, and as such, the logo features a 40’s era reporter who is always on the go. Lightning bolts represent speed, energy and clarity of the product, while the clock frame emphasizes the brand’s slogan: “It’s always coffee time.”

A coffee-coloured palette creates cohesion with the logo and 40’s era theme, while typefaces were inspired by the quick handwriting and typewriters reporters of bygone eras would use.

An app to help build customer loyalty was part of the project. The key design feature of the app is the menu being reminiscent of a typewriter, with round menu icons, and app pages that feed out from the menu overtop of the home screen, mimicking how a typewriter would operate.
A simple vehicle wrap design for mobile deliveries of the Scrum Rush product.